Bubble bags

Bubble bags

Industry standard bubble bags in both a plain and anti-static material. Each bag has an easy tear off glue strip to seal the contents.

Plain bubble bags

Plain bubble bags

Industry standard plain protective bubble bags. Each bag has an easy tear off glue strip to seal the contents.

Antistatic bubble bags

Antistatic bubble bags

Industry standard bubble bag for electronic and delicate items requiring antistatic protection. Each bag has an easy tear off glue strip to seal the contents.

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Polybags - bubble bags

Bubble bags

Bubble bags are made of transparent plastic polyethylene material used to cushion or protect packed goods. The bubbles in the plastic sheet are spaced in a regular way. Air-filled humps, the bubbles, produce cushioning for valuable or delicate items.

Bubble bags provide soft cushioning for tough protection against shock, vibration and water damage. Air filled bubbles protect your most precious possessions from knocks and falls and when you've finished it will give you hours of fun popping all those bubbles. Also bubble bags can offer some form of protection for sensitive electronic parts and components. These bubble bags use a kind of an anti-static plastic that dissipates static charges, thereby protecting against static which can damage them.

Bubble bags being lightweight, neat, clean and non-scratching are ideal to protect valuables and delicate items during mailing, shipping and storage. Nylon barrier adds strength and helps retain the air.

There are different types of bubble bags and bubble wrap and the same are listed below:

Adhesive bubble bags

Adhesive bubble bags have an adhesive backing and this in turn sticks to any surface.

Cohesive bubble bags

Cohesive bubble bags are similar to adhesive bags but it sticks only to itself.

Anti-static bubble bags

Anti-static bubble bags are made from a special combination of plastic and it provides protection for electronic goods that can get damaged due to any static energy.

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